Labour and Social Security Law

In the field of labour and social security law, in-novalegal provides support for construction of a firm legal infrastructure which is vital for the labour relationship. In-Nova Legal’s array of services include preparation and termination of labour contracts, dispute resolution arising from personal or collective labour contracts, informing the clients on changing practices of judiciary institutions such as Courts of Appeal and restructuring of work place regulations.

Correspondence with the relevant authorities such as Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Social Security Administration and Labour Instution of Turkey are among the services offered by our firm. in-novalegal also provides regular insights on the changing legal regulations and newly published communiqués of the institutions.

Some of our services regarding Labour and Social Security Law have been listed below;

* Preparation of collective labour contracts and negotiation on behalf of our clients,

* Termination of the contract and dispute resolution on conflicts arising from labour relationships,

* Dispute resolution on occupation hazards and accidents,

* Legal support for restructuring the work place in accordance with the work place health and safety regulations.