Construction and Real Estate Law

in-novalegal is a specialist when it comes to construction and real estate procedures, such as transfer of ownership to investors or rightful owners of a property, to be realized before administrative authorities.

in-novalegal provides legal support for real estate law includes any procedure for matters such as acquisitions, real estate loans, joint ownerships and mortgages. In addition to that, in-novalegal protects its clients’ interest with utmost determination in the case of a conflict regarding real estates before judiciary institutions.

in-novalegal also handles analyses and situation assessment on properties through property, zoning and municipal authorities.

Some of our services regarding Construction and Real Estate Law have been listed below;

* Procedures before Property and Zoning Administration,

* Assignment and release of mortgages,

* Preparation of flat for land contracts,

* Due-diligence,

* Assessment of conformity of the projects according environmental regulations,

* Following of necessary procedures before relevant public authorities and institutions.