Energy Law

in-novalegal’s partners have provided consultancy to public instutions and private entities especially on privatization of power plants and therefore is highly experienced and knowledgeable regarding energy sector. Their consultancy experience includes transfer of real estate ownership of both private and public properties to foreign entities, sale, leasing, transfer of right to operate, nationalization of registered projects and privatization methods such as, construct-operate-transfer and construct-transfer procedures.

Our firm has also provided legal support for allowance and licence for search and operation of mines, transfer of license, rights of government and mergers and acquistions in mining sector.

Some of our services regarding Energy Law is listed below:

* Preparation of Due-Dilligence report on various entities
and energy sector in accordance with the regulations and
relevant institutions practices,

* Preparation of legal materials on project development,

* Consultation and legal support on negotiations and contracts between contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.